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Thread: What to pack in the container- whats important...

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    Question What to pack in the container- whats important...

    Hi moving from SA to NZ in January 2011, husband already there. Settling in Queenstown, coming from a very hot and sunny Durban, in SA. What do you think I should put in my container that we would need over there, could someone send me a general list of household items, it would be a great help, only been to Auckland but not to the South Island. For example should i bring curtains, oil heaters, electric blankets, these are things i dont have...I have three children ages from 16 to 5 years, should i bring a basketball net, trampoline, outside furniture?? thanks charmers

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    When you say your husband is already there, would that mean he has established a home for you to go to or will you be starting from scratch? If it's the latter, I think I would take as much as I could that was still in good order. It costs a lot to set up a home so, if you're taking a container anyway, it would be good to make full use of it. If you aren't going to get everything into the container, just select the items that have a good few years of life left rather than those coming to the end of their life. It's surprising the little things you wish you had taken with you. It's not cheap to set up home in NZ and it can be costly to ship one, so make the most of the free space in it.

    Whether it's worth taking electrical appliances could depend on how old they are and what voltage they run on although I guess this can be overcome. TVs can sometimes be problematic as they don't always run on the NZ system. Also take into consideration the type of item that customs may find 'interesting', such as wooden items, those made of wicker, anything that has come into contact with soil/mud/grass e.g. tents, sporting equipment, bicycles etc. They can need evidence of special cleaning to be allowed into the country.

    I don't know if you'll find anything of help in this old thread or this one on what to pack. On the other hand, this might give you some idea of what not to take.
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    Default Moving to nz what to pack?

    Thanks motherbear for your reply, its a great help, my husband is there but renting a room, so starting from scratch, so will pack container wisely...many thanks. Charmers

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