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Thread: Fingerprinting services

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    Default Fingerprinting services

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of fingerprinting services in Auckland (other than the central police station). My partner wants to apply for PR, he is from the US and we have sent off two sets of fingerprints to the FBI so far. One was done by a 'professional' at the central police station, but these were rejected as low quality.

    The wait times on getting prints done at the police station is crazy, several months, so I'm wondering if there are security firms that do it. I've tried googling and yellow pages, found only one place but haven't heard back from them yet ("Fingerprints-forensics").

    The last set of fingerprints took 4 months for the FBI to process and reject, so we can't afford to keep having them rejected given he will have been here 2 years next year and require police record to stay longer.

    Any help would be appreciated :)

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    I found only this listing on-line, which is the one you mentioned. I have never used the service so don't know how good they are.

    I'd go back to the police and say their prints were rejected, and that you need them redone to a higher standard urgently. You paid for a service and didn't get it.

    I'd also be emphasising the time frame to the FBI when submitting.
    Did they give you feedback as to what was sub-standard about the prints?

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    Thanks for your reply!

    The FBI did not give any specific feedback. They only gave a checklist and "not sufficient quality" was ticked. As to time frame with the FBI, they made it very clear that they process applications in the order received, and that no special exemptions will be made. No matter if they take 4 months instead of 3!

    As for the police, we didn't have to pay, so I don't think that argument will hold water with them, alas! But thanks for the advice :)

    I'll keep trying to contact the company that you mentioned.


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