Hi Everyone

This website is a great platform to share our views and help each other. I really appreciate evry1 for there help and guidance.

I too have some confussion and lack of knowledge about the process of immigration. i am from India & just completed my post graduate diploma in business management and working as a customer service rep in NZ. My hubby is also workin in ICT sector as a sales rep. retail. Both of us have MBA degree bt that is not there in the list of institutes exmptd by NZQA.

Its been an year here in NZ and now m working full time. Please guide us how many points we can get and what should be our next step.

Also i am thinkin 2 get enrol in PH.d bt is it fruitful to get into 3 years study as it is expensive and if i get enroled will it be possible to get PR here, as i can apply when i enrol in PHD or it will be after the completion of the study.