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Thread: $1K CAD Spent .. Now The Wait Begins..

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    Default $1K CAD Spent .. Now The Wait Begins..

    So I did it - I sent off both my application for teacher registration and my NZQA fees and documents.

    $1K later, I really hope I made the right choice. It makes me nervous but excited at the same time.

    Now I just have to play the damn waiting game while some bureaucrat takes 40 days to figure out if I can get on a plane!

    After I *hopefully* get approved and registered, then I can start applying for teaching jobs like crazy!

    Suggestions on how best to approach them from Canada? Just your typical cover letter/resume? School types I should avoid (because working there would be too harsh?) .. anyone have ideas?


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    Hi Canuck,

    Congratulations on making some progress

    I can't really give you any advice on an approach to teaching applications but I did discover that NZ resumes aren't that different from UK resumes in the ICT field!! How that translates to Canada I don't know.

    In terms of where to teach where not to teach it depends on what you want! Like most countries the most challenging schools in terms of behaviour and resources are in low income areas. I suppose that the higher income areas might be more challenging in terms of academic standards. I've seen the terminology high decile and low decile bandied about. I think you can find online statistics for incomes related to school catchment areas. Sorry no links.

    Good luck!


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    Thanks Jof - I do think we're making the RIGHT choice, now it's just being able to apply from Canada that I need to do .. once I hopefully get confirmed that's going to make it really easy to say "HEY! I need a job! Got one?" and should pave the way.

    Here's hoping!

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