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Thread: Medical waiver for breast cancer??

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    Default Medical waiver for breast cancer??

    Hi my partner and i have decided we want to emigrate to NZ after Living there for a year on a working holiday visa. When I got back I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
    I have read that I am unlikely to be accepted before th 5 year remission period. I have also heard you can apply for medical waivers.

    Are these something that are not given out very much? Are my chances pretty slim as im only 2 years through the remission period? Has anyone had a medical waiver for cancer?

    What does the waiver go on also? I am young fit and healthy despite having cancer 2 years ago. I see no reason why it would return as have had a mastectomy, chemo, and radiotherapy and am on tamoxifen. My cancer is non genetic too.

    Can anyone give me advice? What we be wasting our time and money on this?

    Thanks Em

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    Hi Em, welcome.

    It might be a good idea to wait until the 5 years is up and you know things are going well. I don't know, but suspect that INZ might be cautious about granting you residency before this time. It would be very sad if you were to invest money and hope on an application, only to have it turned down at the ITA stage when your medical history comes out. Applying for a medical waiver may sit better once you have completed the 5-year remission period, especially as you appear to be otherwise very fit. INZ are pretty strict about medical issues and you may find yourself being put through a lot of hassle and expense trying to prove you're OK or they may turn you down altogether at this stage.

    Perhaps someone who has been through this can add their comments.
    Mother Bear

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