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    Default evidence not returned

    Heloo everyone. i just aplied to extend my work permit under partnership policy. It took 10 days and I`m happy for that. The problem is I haven`t recived back any of the evidence that I provided as proof of partnership. No letters at the same address, no translated copies of my birth certificate and no police certificate. My question is: How will I prove to Immigration nz in September when i will apply for residence that we have been living togheather at the same address. I`ve sent them all my letters at the same address with my partner that date back to September 2009 when I came to NZ. Is it normal for this to happen? Do they keep the evidence? Do they keep my police certificate? It was issued in May so it should be fine for the September PR aplication. i`m asking because I can`t see any mention of it on my online status from their site.Thank you everyone.

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    Default Hello....

    No worries, if I remember this right the police certificate is valid for 6 months, so if you have sent one in May you do not have to provide another one in Sept.

    With the proof of same address it is the same just keep all further bills and letter in both names from now on as they have already the record of the past year which you already provided.

    Should be all good:)

    With the PR they always want letters from family and friends which state that they strongly support your relationship and proof that you are seen as a genuine couple within the family and by your close friends.
    Also proof of future plans together are very helpful like booked holidays or invitations to a wedding and on and on....

    Everything will work out just fine!

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    Default thanks

    Thanks Anita. In the end I`m sure I`ll be fine. I am actually having a genuine relationship and I have some evidence and a few people that could give me some support letters. Also i took my girlfiend to my sister`s wedding to meet all my family and friends and we I`ve kept all the flght tickets, hotel recipts etc. I hope I will do well. Thanks a lot for the advice.

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