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    We have been advised that we would be eligible for residency upon receiving a job offer. We have made a decision to move out for 6 months to look for work as its proving quite tough to get anywhere with job applications from in the UK. We were wondering what age kids start school and would our daughter be able to attend a school whilst there?

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    Unfortunately, there's a bit more to getting residency than having a job offer but you should be able to get a temporary work permit or Work to Residence permit to start you off working pretty quickly and, hopefully, residency should follow in due course.

    You would have to pay international fees for your daughter to get schooling while you're on a visitor permit but, once you are granted a long term visa (work permit or WTR) she would be classed as a domestic student. I believe kids start school around 5 years old in NZ. This might give you some relevant information about the education system in NZ.
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