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Thread: Working in NZ from England with criminal record.

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    Default Working in NZ from England with criminal record.

    I have recently been informally offered a job in NZ and started looking into immigration.
    I would like to work out there temporarily with a view to settle permanently if it suited us. The employer suggested the work to residence thing.
    I have read that I will not be considered for a visa if I have been to prison for more than 5 years or 12 months within the last 10 years.

    4 years ago after a very hard break up with my wife of 12 years I made the mistake of getting very drunk and beating her new man up. I was handed a 22 month suspended sentence. It is a major regret and although it was never a problem, I have given up drinking completely.
    Apart from that and a few minor run ins with the law during my teens I am of otherwise good standing.

    Of course I would be completely honest about this during the process.

    I don't want to waste my money and my prospective employers time if there is no hope of me being granted a work permit/visa/whatever.
    Does any one here have any idea as to what my chances of getting one would be?

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    Hi and welcome to MTNZ.

    This is a tricky one to answer as the outcome would no doubt be in the hands of whoever is dealing with your application in INZ, especially as the incident happened only a few years ago. Some incidents that happened a long time ago can be put down to 'folly of youth' but it would be difficult to know how INZ would react without you first contacting them for their stance on it. You can but try and they might ask you to submit a letter by way of explanation along with your application if they believe it was a one-of incident and that you regret it. Certainly worth a try . You could possibly apply for a character waiver if need be. See what they say.
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    i wouldnt bother applying .you would be wasting your money,plus they are very strict about people who have been inside.they will think you are liability and do it again.

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