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Thread: Permanent residence/Work permit-Partnership Category

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    Default Permanent residence/Work permit-Partnership Category

    I just would like to ask few questions about Permanent residence/Work permit-Partnership Category.
    About me.
    I live 3 years in NZ,have my partner-NZ citizen.We have relationship 2,5 years,but started to live together 14 months ago until now.Before I had just typical Work Permit-not partnership category,when we started live together,I got Work Permit under Partnership Category for 1 year. (Was easy)This WP already expired..So I have decided to apply for Permanent residence and for new work permit under Partnership Category(at the same time).I have sent a lot of evidences about our partnership,such as-our letters,emails to each other,joined bank account,support letters from family and friends,photos,letters to us to the same address,letter from our landlord,letters from us about our relationship,postcards,etc.
    Have sent all papers about 2 months ago...And still waiting decision.
    Have received a letter from Immigration officer with questions-
    -you listed your current partner as "friend" on your last last work permit----I wrote her as "friend" in my application,when I applied for WP before,we started to live together (15 month ago),my application was for General WP,not partnership,but we already had serious relationship...
    -don't have any joint tenency agreement-house, where we are living belongs to my partner's friend,we never had tenency agreement,and never need it....
    -don't have any joint bills or liabilities--we don't have any bills,all bills for her name-she was living there long time before I came to live with her,and never though to change it.It does not affect our relationship at all,and its cost money....
    -don't have any joint assets--we don't have any joint assets,because we living together 14 months and when I moved in to her-she already had everything -TV,car,furniture etc-we share it without doubt,and did not need to buy something...
    -do not appear to have any long-term goals-what kind of goal we can make,if I stay here on temporary visa and INZ can send me home any time???
    -do not appear to have any long-term commitments-the same
    -you have both travelled internationally on you own and have never taken trip together--I was working,when she was traveling,could not to live my job,after she was working,I left for holiday
    -when i called you,you did not know the names of your partner's parents although she has stated she is close with her family-I just have forgotten names,because we met just couple times-they live very far from us-my mistake...
    -when I spoke to your partner it appeared you had not made arrangements or decisions on when you woul live if this application was not successful.--we never thought about that,just would like to stay together and be happy
    You have both sated your evidence is lacking because you were never sure wherther you would continue living here.With this in mind,it seems unusual that you would not have considered what you would do if your partnership could not continue in NZ. -?????????????
    -It appears that your partnership would not endure if you had to return home.
    They gave us time to collect more evidences,but I am not really know what do they want from us??
    Now I still waiting my Work Permit already 2 months-that very strange...Last my WP under Partnership I got very fast and without questions...But now we have much more evidences for WP,then last year....
    Maybe someone can give me any advice,please,will be very helpful. Will be happy to any advice
    Thank you for your answers.

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    Default ...very picky

    wow they seem to be very picky with you.
    I did the same, but I applied in time so that my work permit did never expire, maybe they are like that because you applied so late for extension?!
    you already sent them everything you have? so tentancy agreement (or letter from landlord), letter from family and friends who confirm that you are a genuine couple....
    with plan for future, a good one is always to indicate you are wanting to have kids at some stage e.g. or you are planning a holiday together soon (maybe copy of travel arrangements...whatever shows you are planning your future together).
    My NZ husband and I always planned our future together even I did not know how it will be with always have to assume the best. and it is usually unlikely that they do not approve your second Work Permit and the PR if the partnership is genuine and stable.
    It seems very weird to me...I cant think of anything else you could do.
    I have to admit when the immigration rang me I knew the names of his parents and I also told them that we are planning a future together thats what they really want to hear I guess...but still I can understand you were I remember I was pretty nervous when they rang for some people it might be not easy to have all the right answers when they ring all of a sudden.

    are there any plans that you will be engaged soon? we sent pics of our engagement party and invitations for our wedding, that was really a good evidence. but I mean not everyone will get married only to have more evidence and to make them more believe you are genuine.....they should not require that...a de facto relationship should actually be enough!!! I really have no idea whats going on with them....being so picky...
    hopefully everything works out well for you guys!!!!

    Cheers, Anita
    Internship Auckland Feb - May 2008
    Back to Austria June 2008
    Visitor Visa applied June 13 2008
    Visitor Visa approved July 16 2008 till March 2009
    Work permit lodged November 12 2008
    Work permit approved January 29 2009 till 29/01/2010
    Engaged to a Maori-Fiji-Scotish Man since April 2009
    Getting married 2/01/2010 in Austria!!

    Permanent Residence lodged 21/08/2009
    PR approved May 2010

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    Thank you for your answers,going to compose long letter to INZ...Not great feeling...

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    any more advices,please???

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    Mother Bear,maybe you can give me your advice,please?
    What kind of additional evidence Can I provide?
    Will be very helpful for me,
    Thank you.

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    INZ are obviously concerned that your previous answers didn't sound very confident and straightforward for a couple trying to prove that they are in a genuine and stable relationship and who want to remain in NZ long term. Perhaps you didn't have your answers ready at the time which has caused confusion? Maybe you need to look carefully at the questions they asked and how you answered them so you can clear up any misunderstanding next time. Perhaps you could use their questions and take them one by one with clarifications so that their doubts can be addressed. Quite a few of the answers you gave could be seen as giving doubt and need to be cleared up.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Thank you very much

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    just wondering whether any upated news on this?

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    Had interview with officer and after couple weeks got PR..
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