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Thread: I live in america, g/f lives in auckland. Want to get married there but need advice

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    Default I live in america, g/f lives in auckland. Want to get married there but need advice

    Ok so I will try to explain our situation as best as possible:

    I currently live in America. She lives in Auckland, NZ. Our goal is to be married before the end of this year. Here is basically a timeline of what we're hoping to accomplish, and hopefully you will be able to advise us on what exactly I should be applying for and what I need to do to make this all happen.

    • In July — Ill fly to NZ again (I was just there recently to be with her last month) to be with her.
    • In August — All 3 of us (Myself, her and her son) will fly back to America so we can spend some time with my family for a few months.
    • In October-ish — All 3 of us fly back to NZ and will get married. At that point, I will move in with her at her flat. (I will not be living in NZ UNTILL we are married)

    So what exactly do I/we need to apply for? What should I do, etc etc. Again, we won't be living together until we're married.

    Pleaaaase help, thanks!

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    If your lady is a NZ citizen or residency holder, you could look at this.

    Your partner is a New Zealand citizen or resident

    You must show that you are living together with your partner in a genuine and stable relationship at the time the application is made. Your partner must:

    * be eligible to sponsor you for residence under our Partnership policy within 12 months of your intended date of arrival in New Zealand
    * meet the character requirement for partners supporting partnership-based temporary entry applications’
    * intend to be in New Zealand for the period you apply for in your application
    * provide a completed Form for partners supporting partnership based temporary entry applications (INZ 1146) PDF.
    If you have been in this relationship for a year or more, we may grant you a work visa or permit that allows you to stay for up to a maximum of two years.

    If you have been in this relationship for less than a year, initially we can only grant you a work visa or permit for up to 12 months. Once you are here, you can apply for further work permits for a total stay of up to two years from your arrival, if:

    * you and your partner want to stay longer in New Zealand and can show us that you are still in a genuine and stable relationship, or

    * you apply for residence as a partner.

    tt states that you should be living together at the time the application is made. In your case, you could apply after you are married and living together. Meanwhile you would need another visa to be able to enter and stay in NZ again and it would depend how much time you have used up on your visit visa allowance unless you can apply for an extension. It could be a while before your application for residency under Partnership comes through, so you would need to make sure you are covered by a valid visa during this time.
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    Default emigrate

    I think you need forms 1025 and 1146. Basically you get permit to live in NZ and then you have a year in which to show you are a genuine couple and get married. I an doing same with girl from Hong Kong. Good luck!

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    Default Hi there...

    I have been in a similar situation once. My advice is to start collecting and keeping all possible evidence from now on about all the times you are spending/living together. So you can apply for PR as soon as you can approve that you have been living together for 12 months. It does not matter if this time has gaps. I have been living with my NZ husband for about 3 months and had to go back to my country and then when I came back to NZ again we have been living together for another 9 months before applying for PR and in the meanwhile I applied for a work permit under partnership.

    Collect and keep everything, flight tickets of trips together, pics with the date on them, open a joint bank account as soon as you come over to NZ, have all your bills in both of your names...just everything which shows that you are a genuine couple:)

    Even the time you will spend together in America and in NZ before you actually move here, you should try to get some written evidence that you are spending time under the same roof. When my husband and I were living with his parents we filled in a tenancy agreement which showed that his parents are the landlords and we live in there house.

    Hope that info helps,
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    Default I live in america, g/f lives in auckland. Want to get married there but need advice

    I think she needs forms 1146 and 1025, and you need 1017. Where it says "must be living together" they mean you have been in a relationship before you apply, it's ok as long as you can justify why you had to live apart during the magical 12 months of the partnership.

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