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Thread: whoopsie! made a baby while working overseas ... now what?

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    Default whoopsie! made a baby while working overseas ... now what?

    hopefully as i search through this forum I will find someone with a similar story to mine who managed to work it all out in the end.

    so I am a Kiwi in America, I've been here a while trying to set up a business and my visa doesn't allow me to stay here forever. while here i've been living with a woman i met last year and our relationship advanced in leaps and bounds. we've been talking for a while about her coming back to live with me in NZ, but something happened recently that puts a deadline on us ...

    we are pregnant.


    I'm super excited about it, despite the fact we have irresponsibly not checked whether the law man is going to force us to live in different countries.

    So ... are we fucked?

    I would marry her, and I WILL marry her as soon as I can, but my previous marriage didn't end that long ago and prevents me from remarrying until after the baby is born. So there's a problem. whoopsie

    Surely we're not going to be forced to live in separate countries.....

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    Hi new member with the long username. Welcome.

    I'm assuming you want the baby to be born in NZ? As a kiwi you would probably need to sponsor your partner for residency in NZ under the Family Category so that she can stay permanently. Whether you are married or not has no bearing on it. Take a look at this and see what you think.

    Immigration NZ currently has a 'thing' about women coming into the country pregnant because they are likely to 'be a burden on the health service'. You can read about it here and here but you will see in the latter article it says on page 2....

    Exceptions were granted for partners of NZ citizens or residents and, in some cases, to people applying for a work-to-residence visa or permit . I trust this still applies.
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    You assumed correctly - I must return to NZ because I have businesses there, and this is my first child ... who in their right mind would want to miss any of that by being stuck in another country?

    Thanks for pointing me towards the partner sponsorship section, that is exactly what I need/want to do. We may not strictly meet the 12 months stable requirement, but the operations manual (R2.1 Who may be included in an application) indicates that we may be able to get around that by applying for some other kind of visa to give us the minimum 12 months togetherness.

    As far as I am concerned, we are locked in for 20+ years of togetherness ... we both came from "broken homes" and there's no way we want to inflict that on our babies.

    *cross fingers*

    I can see we'll have a lot of paperwork and research ahead of us....

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    What about looking at things from a different angle? Does she want to stay in the US to have the baby? If so, maybe you should look at getting married in the US, come back to NZ, and then you can apply for a green card - which means you could stay in the US. I would think you could at least get your visa extended since you are setting up a business. What about you applying for PR in the US?
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