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Thread: Desperate - want to stay, unsure of options

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    Question Desperate - want to stay, unsure of options

    Hi. This is my first time visting this site. I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out.

    I have been living in NZ for four years now and this is truely home to me. I came down here with my partner
    (who was a kiwi) and we were together until last year. Unfortunately, my brilliant self, never thought to apply for
    residency while we were still together. I find myself in a position now where my work visa has expired and I
    am unsure if I would be eligible, somehow, for another one. I worked for an accredited company, who tried to sponsor my application however the visa was declined due to the results of the labour market check. Is
    there a way I can apply for another general work visa maybe in a different part of the country? Is it worth a
    shot applying with another branch? Currently nothing on the skills shortage lists apply to me. I have been
    told that once you've lived in the country for a certain amount of time, there are options for
    the best of my knowledge this option only comes from the work to res, skilled migrant, partner categories
    etc. Is this correct or are there other options I am overlooking? I am desperate to stay any way I can and
    am even looking into applying for a student visa although the international tuition rates are so dear!!!

    Sorry for rambeling, I'm just so confused and stressed to the max. Please any advice will be so much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shan41 View Post
    Is there a way I can apply for another general work visa maybe in a different part of the country? Is it worth a shot applying with another branch?
    Hi Shan

    Sadly, it looks like you have missed a couple of great opportunities to apply for residence. Applying for another work permit through a different INZ branch or in another part of the country probably wouldn't work because I would think all the branches are interlinked and your previous immigration records would show up. If your job skills are no longer on the shortage lists, it can be very difficult to remain in the country unless you can find an employer that simply cannot find a kiwi who can do the same job and he/she would need to prove that. Failing that, I don't know if you could apply for a Working Holiday /Visa Permit to help you remain in NZ longer to see if the work permit criteria changes again, but it depends on your age and the country you are from as to how long you could stay. You wouldn't be able to take on a permanent job during this time, but it might buy you some time to sort something out.
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