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Thread: Nursing in a multi-cultural society

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    Default Nursing in a multi-cultural society


    My OH is a nurse and we've noticed repeated references to a requirement that nurses are culturally aware. We've seen this in emigration information, nursing council information and job listings.

    Now I know that specifically what's being to referred to is awareness of Maori culture and heritage, the treaty of Waitangi etc. but obviously cultural sensitivity applies to all cultures.

    Anyway, to get to the point. As an immigrant nurse are there any training courses required or available to meet this requirement? Or are you just supposed to pick it up as you go along?


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    During my orientation we had a short session on cultural awareness and in particular the Maori culture. Part of the NZNC requirements is the cultural awareness policy. You will get this with your registration. It is no different from the ethnic and diversity training in the UK. During my work in NZ I came across a few patients from different cultures - Maori, Asian (chinese, japanese etc...) and indian/pakistani. It was no different to nursing in the UK - just being aware of the different cultural requirements. As a district nurse the big one was the awareness that some Maori homes require you to take off your shoes before entering. Not something that is advocated in the UK.
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    Thanks for the feedback

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