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Thread: How long must we stay

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    Default How long must we stay

    Hi there

    My partner and I have just submitted our EOI but unfortunately it seems the qualifications we thought would give us enough points are not actually going to (they are IT quals but they don't quite meet the right level apparently) - meaning we're going to need a job offer to be able to get our resident visas.

    If we go down this route - how long do we need to stay in the jobs when we first arrive?
    Also, we had been hoping to to have a year off to do travelling on route to NZ (hence we were hoping to be eligible for a visa without a job offfer), but if we go down the job offer route we will need to go straight to NZ sooner than we had planned. If we were to go over to NZ and work for 6 months in the jobs we (hopefully) get offered - could we then apply for a return residence visa and leave NZ to go travelling for 6-12 months and then return to NZ and settle down permenantly??

    Any info greatly appreciated

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    I think, if you claim points for a job offer, then you need to work at that job for at least 3 months.
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