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Thread: International phone calls

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    Default International phone calls

    Anyone got any information to share on the cost and quality of phone communication between UK and NZ?

    I've used Skype locally, but I don't know if it's free internationally and does it work OK?

    I've seen prices as low as 1p/2c per minute for ordinary phone calls routed via the internet, anyone tried any of the services? Do they work ok?


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    I have used numbers from here Utilities & Phones: International Call Checker - only the ones that do not need an account. They work quite well.

    Try them and see.
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    form NZ there are many options
    you can use Telcom 0161 its cheaper than normal calls
    about .08 cents per minute to 0.13 cents per minute
    0161 international calls : Telecom New Zealand Limited

    there are other options to like compass calling cards
    Compass Phone Cards - KiaOra, Talk 'n' Save, Go Call, Meihua, Worldphone, Chi Tel and more
    they can be about 4 cents per minute or less

    and you can change your phone provider for long distance like
    WorldxChange :: SuperCap
    like $20 per month for 1000 minutes
    or places like
    Slingshot Homeline and Calling

    or get a voip phone service
    you can even get the VOIP phone for $10 per month from
    Slingshot VoIP

    Or this one 2talk -- NZ VoIP Broadband Phone Service for Home, Business and International Calling: 2talkphone internet phone - talk, chat and video call for free, download today
    and answer the phone in the UK and the people calling you are just making a local call

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    Thanks - lots of good information there!

    Things have certainly changed in the last few years, I remember when international calls were really expensive.


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    Default mobile deal

    hi guys if your on voda phone pay as you go in nz , you can call the uk for upto 1 hr for $2 !!! the offer is on now .

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    Get skype and make all the call you want to land lines back in the uk for a fixed price and 34 countries as well. I am not in NZ now but can call people cheaper anywhere in NZ than when I was there.


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    I use VoipTalk. They have lots of different plans, but I've been using their Silver Prepaid plan for the past 5 years.

    It's currently 3.99 ($8) per month and that gets you
    - an incoming number with your choice of regional area code (E.g. 01252 - XXXXXX)
    - Voicemail to email
    - Caller ID

    Calls per minute to UK landlines are 1p (2c)
    It's also 1p per minute to most countries in Europe.

    Because the number looks like a normal household UK number, family and friends can call you using their included minutes on their mobile, or if they are with BT I think it's 5p per hour. They might have different deals now.

    Hardware wise you need the following:
    - ADSL, Cable or 3G Internet connection (I've used my N95s built in Voip functionallity to call the UK using my Voip number over 3G, Works a treat)
    - Analogue Telephone Adapter, Voip wifi or desk phone or Softphone for your PC. (I have a Linksys ATA)
    - If you go for the ATA option then you will also need a phone.

    I have a Panasonic cordless DECT phone.

    The sound quality is fantastic. When I first started using the service, people thought I was just in the next room. There is negligable delay. I would say even less delay than you would get calling internationally using either a Telecom landline or Mobile.

    If you have an ATA and Cordless Digital handset you dont' even have to leave your PC on.

    Good thing about using VoipTalk is because it uses the standard Voip protocols (unlike Skype) you can change to a different company should a better deal or plan come along.

    If you're in the UK and planning on moving overseas you can also get your current UK number ported across to VoipTalk and take it with you when you leave.
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