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    Unhappy In deep trouble

    Hi everyone...M in a deep trouble atm n need help...

    My current student visa expires on 31st mar'10. I applied fr a visitor permit to stay travel around bt it seems most likely it wd b declined. My passport is still with the immigration and Iam wondering if i dnt get my passport bck on time..hw wud i travel bck to my country on or before 31st march..i really dnt wnt my name to be on illegal immigrants list..

    Cheers in advance..

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    Have you tried contacting INZ to explain that you need your passport back in time to travel? I would hope they would react to you because they wouldn't want you to be an overstayer either. It might help them to focus on your visitor permit application, too, and make a quick decision.
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    Yes i had a word with the immigration..dey tld me..that if i dnt get ma passport bck on time then under some rule i they wd state my application as "late" and hence i wud nt be called a overstayer..

    I am having a bad feeling that they might refuse permit and i wd have to go back...i jus wanted to knw since i wud be applyin for a student visa.. wud this refusal impact my student visa application ?

    And also if i leave this country.. cud i still send my passport to new zealand and aks my college to apply for a visa or do i have to apply it on my home country ?


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