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Thread: Budget Concerns in NZ

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    Default Budget Concerns in NZ

    Hi Everyone
    I am new to this forum but I'm so happy I found you all. I need some help regarding our future move to New zealand.

    First some background:
    I am a 35yr old UK citizen. I have been living with my Kiwi partner for 10yrs. He will be my sponsor and we have started my application for a family visa. We wish to move to New Zealand, get married and start a family.
    I was feeling so excited and positive at the thought of emigrating to New Zealand, however after reading a few of the posts from the thread 'Who moved to New Zealand and hated it', I am now hesitating.... It seems the main worry for those who have emigrated out to New Zealand is the cost of living. I certainly would not want to uproot our entire lives and be worse off than I am now....?
    We own our house here in the UK and it is due to be put on the market shortly. The equity we have in the house would convert to approx $180,000 NZD. We are intending to move to Tauranga where all his family are and would use all this money as a deposit on a home. Having done some research on the internet at homes for sale we believe we will still require a mortgage of approx $150,000 NZD. My partner is an electrician and would work full time. We would prefer me to be a stay at home mum at least till the children are of school age.
    My question is, do you think only having 1 income and a mortgage is going to make our lives difficult? From the posts I've read, food and bills seem to be expensive alongside paying for rent or a mortgage? Is $150,000NZD considered a very large mortgage? We would also want to run a car, not sure how expensive that is in New Zealand? The motorist here in the UK is a cow the government milk on a daily basis!!!

    I would appreciate any comments, positive or negative.

    Many thanks

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    Adjusting to finances in NZ can take some getting used to if you're not landing in to a surgeons job. I think the hardest thing people encounter when emigrating is being 'foreign'. Not everyone is willing to take on people from overseas, not because of racism or whatever else, they're just not sure on the qualifications or the experience of overseas people etc. Sometimes people end up in lower paid jobs just to get the valuable 'NZ experience'. Starting a new life is also a considerably expensive practice, and the stack of cash you bring with you just seems to disappear all too quickly.

    The moral of the story is, be prepared to adjust! Life isn't particularly expensive, some things cost more than other places, but also some things are much cheaper than others. If your partner is a Kiwi and qualified as a sparky in NZ then he'll have a much easier time than someone UK qualified who has to jump through hoops for registration.

    Everyones situation is different though. If you get a job early on then you'll certainly be on top as you wont be eating in to precious savings. Electricians get a sensible wage so that will also help. Whether you can survive on one income is very much a personal thing, not answered easily by outsiders. If your partner gets a good income and you can manage money well then there's no issue. If the pay is poor and you're an impulse buyer of useless TV infomercial products then you'll struggle!

    In the end, your life will be what you make it.

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egg&Chips View Post
    We would also want to run a car, not sure how expensive that is in New Zealand?
    This has a bit about running expenses for a car. Insurance isn't compulsory in NZ but it's advisable to have it because, half the time, the other driver won't be covered if you have a prang . Fuel prices go up and down all the time but this will give you an idea of recent costs.
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    Tauranga is a fast growing area, and therefore one of the more likely areas to have work in some ways, but because of this it could also be more expensive as there is significant demand for houses etc.

    If I was taking out a $150,000 mortgage, I would want to be comfortable making repayments of $1,600 a month. Will the income and costs you are anticipating allow this?

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