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Thread: Kiwis make most of high-flying dollar

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    Default Kiwis make most of high-flying dollar

    Kiwis make most of high-flying dollar
    By Isaac Davison 5:30 AM Saturday Jun 4, 2011

    The cost of long-haul travel is plummeting as the kiwi continues to soar.

    The New Zealand dollar reached US82.6c on Monday, a rise of 11c since mid-March. A British pound is now worth only $2.

    As a result, travel agencies are reporting hordes of New Zealanders departing for European and American holidays - 15 per cent more than usual in April and May.

    Flight Centre executive general manager Mike Friend said long-haul sales had "gone through the roof" due to the attractive currency conditions and the growing number of airlines flying out of New Zealand.

    The high New Zealand dollar does not directly affect the price of airfares. But carriers are responding to the high demand for long-distance flights from New Zealand, which results in more seats and lower fares.

    More here.
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    "A British pound is now worth only $2"

    Gulp, gonna make it mighty expensive moving over there on UK savings. Must be disaster for immigration numbers, maybe they'll start lowering the bar again

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    yea no kidding... we need the NZ dollar to plummet right before we leave the US, and then shortly after arriving need it to strengthen like crazy! (i can dream right?!)
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