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Thread: welder 19yrs exp

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    Question welder 19yrs exp

    hi, i would like to move to new zealand as a welder, i have been welding since i left school in 1990 using tig, mig, mma on ss,mild, aluminium the problem i have is when i first started i was on a c.i.t.b course with the company i was working for but as times where tough on company's at the time. 2 yr's into my course they had to lay off all apprentice's and most fab team's so i never got to finish my apprenticeship. i am willing to go to college and do a diploma or city & guilds would this be enough to pass for qualification to enter new zealand with 19 yr's exp

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    Greetings Anthony! Welcome.

    If you run down the lists on here it looks like you would need a minimum of Level 3 in City and Guilds to qualify for points. Sometimes, with some job skills, a certain number of years' work experience can replace a qualification. However, I can't find 'welder' on either the Long Term Skill Shortage List or the Immediate Skill Shortage List which is a requirement if an applicant wants to go for permanent residency under the Skilled Migrant Category. I'm sure it used to be but was removed along with a few other occupations back last year, which caused quite a bit of hardship for some people. Unfortunately, this probably means that you could only get a temporary work visa, but not go on to get residency unless you could get a job offer from an accredited company that has approval from INZ to employ overseas applicants. Then you could work your way to residence after 2 years in the job and holding a Work to Residence visa. There are other requirements that any job offer would have to conform to.
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    Hi anthony,
    Welder/fitter has been removed from the list...BUGGER!!!... but I dont think it could hurt you if you are a good welder... If I were you anthony, i would get certifed ( 6G all positions)...then go for it...there are plenty of jobs..alot of temp positions to give it a go...look into recruitment agencies, but being in NZ would be a start to be hired..good luck


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