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Thread: Advice for a girl and her husband....

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    Default Advice for a girl and her husband....

    Hi friends,

    Here is out current situation: My husband, Mike and I are from Salt Lake City, Utah, and Mike applied to the U of Auckand for one of their specific programs in urban planning. Its been 13 weeks now, we haven't heard back from the University (or the agency we're working with) to see if Mike got accepted!

    While we have been waiting for the reply for his university, I have proceeded with my part and within a couple of weeks, I have had two interviews via SKYPE and landed a job in the city center with my profession as a dental hygienist! score!

    It's crunch time and we are supposed to leave in 5 weeks so I can start my job.

    Here is where I'm at:

    Application w/ the dental council: "in process"
    Skilled visa: submitting it today and praying that I get drawn with 140 pt on Jan. 15th

    We really want this bad, and I think that we have decided to move regardless of if Mike gets accepted. We are a young couple and we are selling EVERYTHING (except our dog). so the question is:

    How should Mike accompany me on this move?
    Should he apply for a temp. work visa and just hope he gets it?
    Also, what can I do to make my process move faster, provided that I get drawn from the pool?

    I just feel that we are in limbo right now. Its a time crunch and every day is important. We just don't know what to do about mikes situation...


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    If you get drawn on the 15th, That'll leave you with a little over 3 weeks for them a verify your eoi, send you your ita, for you to apply and them to approve your application. I hate to burst your bubble, but that just aint gonna happen. It'll take atleast three weeks for them to verify and send you your ita. Then maybe you can apply within a week. Then It'll take up to 3 months to process your application. You might be better off applying for a work visa yourself. Just to get there in 5 weeks

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    I agree with RisenAshes. You will not get your PR in such a short time. The best would be for you to apply for a Work Permit and once u are in NZ you can apply for a PR. Your husband goes with you as a tourist. Once in the country he can apply for a WP related to your permit.
    Got Job offer in November 2007
    Got 3-years work visa valid to 15.01.2011 in Jan 08
    Landed in Wellington the 16th January 2008
    Work permit for my partner submitted the 26th Jan 08
    Loged EOI the 27th January 2008
    Was selected the 31st January 2008
    Work permit/visa granted for my partner the 20th Feb 08
    Loged my PR the 28th March 2008
    PR approved 23.07.2008


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