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Thread: I wanna claim less point in ITA

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    Default I wanna claim less point in ITA

    Hello Members

    wish you all a very happy new Year 2009. Hope new year will bring new hopes in our lives.

    I need your guidance:
    I placed an EOI in July 2008 and got ITA in Dec 2008. I claimed 210 points out of which my C.O. gave me 205 points. Since I am in New Zealand for nearly 18 months, by now i am eligible to claim points for 1 year of experience in New Zealand. My query is that can I claim now while filing my application for PR?

    Secondly in EOI I cliamed points for my wife's qualification on the basis of PAR done by NZQA. Now I realize that becuase her qualification is not in the list of recognized qualifications , I'll need to get the fulll assessment done for her qaulification which means more time and another 400 Nz dollars to spend.

    As I am claiming 205 points, I am having point above the 140 points, Can I request Immigration to make the amendemnt and take off the points granted for my wife 's qualification, that means loosing 10 points, or should I go for the full assessment?

    I just intent to save money in this period of recession.

    Any suggestions welcome and appreciated!

    Thank you all

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    I was just browsing for similar query as claiming less points on ITA like reducing claimed points for spouse qualification which was mentioned in EOI.

    I hope you have advice on this at some point at this time and had some experience...

    Can we do the same or we need to do NZQA for spouse also because it was mentioned in EOI.

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