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Thread: What kind of checks do they conduct when selecting EOIs?

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    Default What kind of checks do they conduct when selecting EOIs?

    Hi all,
    I just submitted my EOI. I am wondering, how will the immigration officers check all the points that I claimed? How do they check my income tax or university degree?

    For claims of employment, will the officer contact my current/previous companies? Obviously I am keeping a low profile and do not want my boss to know that I'm leaving him. However, if the immigration officer does contact my company, I want to tell my boss first, so he is more prepared.

    Has anyone had this experience? Thanks for the advice.

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    I'm really not sure what kind of checks they actually performed after selecting our EOI. But I suspect they were fairly basic, such as confirming that the schools we claimed actually existed.

    After you get the ITA, you will be asked for more documentation. For employment history, you will need to have your current employer supply a letter confirming your position & length of service. So notifying your employer of your potentially leaving will be all in your control.

    Good luck!
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    Hi, my EOI has just been selected

    There's one sentence that concerns me: "We will conduct some preliminary checks of the information you have provided to determine whether your claim is accurate.*"

    I am guessing the immigration will start contacting my current and previous employers. Now, I'm back to my earlier dilemma, is this the time to tell my current employer about my plans? I don't want to have someone else to break the news, but on the other hand, I hesitate to tell the boss now, in the event NZ rejects my application.

    What were your experiences during this stage? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I don't think that they will contact your current company. They didn't for me. But you have to provide a letter from each company listed in your EOI as proof. Good luck
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