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Thread: When to Apply for EOI?

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    Exclamation When to Apply for EOI?

    Have just done a quick calc to get our points and have come up with 150 - Due to being on skills shortage list. Does this mean we should just apply or should my husband try to get a job first to increase our score.

    As far as a job is concerned if we can't move till 2010 because of job and house commitments in Scotland, how can he apply and then be offered a job in NZ coz surely an prospective employer wouldn't wait that long?

    Totally confused about time lines.....

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    Apply now ... you only need 100 points, but ideally 140 or more, which you have. We did just this - and with 140 points, you should get selected from the pool at the next selection date.

    There is no harm in submitting your EOI now ... by all means apply for jobs whilst you wait, and if you are lucky and get an offer, you can tell NZIS immediately which should fast track your application.

    EOI Submitted 8th July 2007, 140 points no job offer.
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    ITA pack received 12th Oct 2007
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    Case Officer assigned approx 22nd Feb 2008
    Immigration interview 7th May 2008
    PR AIP 10th May 2008
    Arrived in NZ, August 13th

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    Timing your application is critical if you don't want to make the move until 2010. If you suddenly find yourself in the lucky position that PR is granted quite quickly (and in a few cases it can be only 3-4 months) you will only have 12 months to get to NZ to activate your PR. You could make the trip and leave again but, in order to qualify for an Indefinite Returning Residents Visa you must spend a minimum of 6 months in each of the first 2 years in NZ to show commitment to the country.

    As Lou says, if you have more than 100 points, you can apply at any time. If you have 140 or more points, there is a good chance that your application will go through quicker. If your husband gets a job offer, it could speed things up even further, although he wouldn't really need to find a job if you have enough points to carry you through. Do you need to apply now rather than wait until some time next year?

    In some cases employers will wait a certain time for new migrant employees to arrive in NZ but there's a slim chance that the job offer might not still be there when you're ready to take it up.
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    Thanks for the advice. We will probably wait until mid next year to make the EOI application whether or not a job offer is in the pipeline. That way if things move fast hopefully selling the house wont be too much of a problem.

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