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Thread: PR declined, what's next? pls help

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    Angry PR declined, what's next? pls help

    Hi everyone!

    hope you could help me on my situation. i landed here in NZ with a work to residence visa with a deferral period of 6 months. i have submitted all the requirements to INZ for my PR. however, before my deferral period expires, i was made redundant and my PR application was declined. And now started anew, I have found again a skilled job and planning to lodge my eoi but I am still uncertain because my salary is just $40000/annum. i know that there is a new policy that you must have at least $45000/annum salary for your PR to be approved and of course meet all the necessary requirements set by INZ. Do I have the chance to get PR even if my salary is below the salary requirement? please help thnx

    wtr declined
    eoi: ?

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    Hi NZbackpacker. Welcome to MTNZ.

    I wouldn't like to say what your chances would be of getting in with a salary that is short of the requirements for your WTR as, no doubt, the rules are made for a purpose. Is there any chance you could apply for residency directly with your job skills? Because I'm not aware of your situation, I'm not sure why you have taken the WTR route. If you could get enough points you wouldn't need to worry about the salary level for your job offer? You could get a work permit to tide you over until your residency came through.
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