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Thread: Im working on my EOI

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    Default Im working on my EOI

    Hello I am starting to work in my EOI......

    What will happen incase my EOI is NOT approved or below the score of 140?

    Does it mean that I cannot continue further?

    Sorry for asking this but Iam a little confuse and I want some information from
    the person who had submitted already

    Thanks in adavnced

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    Hi Bwicki,

    I haven't been through the process but I'll try to help out until someone who has comes along.

    Firstly, you don't need 140+ points to be selected. You can be selected with only 100 points but, the more points you have, the quicker you will be selected.

    SM3.15 Selection of Expressions of Interest
    a. As Expressions of Interest are entered into the Pool they will be ranked on the basis of total points claimed for employability and capacity building factors in accordance with Skilled Migrant (Application) Policy. The ranking of Expressions of Interest relative to each other will change as Expressions of Interest enter, or are withdrawn from, the Pool.
    b. Expressions of Interest in the Skilled Migrant Category Pool are selected from that Pool periodically on the Government's behalf by the Department of Labour.
    c. Selections from the Pool after 21 December 2005 are made in the following manner:
    i. Expressions of Interest that have total points of 140 or more are selected automatically from the Pool;
    ii. Expressions of Interest that have total points of 100 or more but less than 140, and include points for the principal applicant's offer of skilled employment or current skilled employment in New Zealand, are selected (according to their points ranking) in sufficient numbers to meet the requirements of the Skilled/Business Stream of the New Zealand Residence Programme (NZRP) at the time of that selection (subject to any adjustment to the number or distribution of places in the NZRP determined by the Government).
    d. If, following the selection process set out at (c) above, further places are available in the Skilled/Business Stream of the NZRP at the time of that selection (subject to any adjustment to the number or distribution of places in the NZRP determined by the Government), additional Expressions of Interest may be selected from the Pool on the basis of criteria set from time to time by the Minister of Immigration, having regard to the objectives of the Skilled Migrant Category. Those criteria are specified at SM3.15.1.

    Your EOI would stay in the pool for 6 months so it gives you several chances of being selected.

    SM3.20 Currency of an Expression of Interest
    An Expression of Interest is current for a period of six months from the date of initial submission to the Pool unless no Pool selection of Expressions of Interest has occurred within that six-month period. Where this is the case, the Expression of Interest is current until such time as a selection from the Pool of Expressions of Interest has occurred.
    An Expression of Interest that is no longer current will be withdrawn from the Pool.
    An Expression of Interest will also be withdrawn from the pool if it is rejected after selection because it does not meet prerequisites for entry to the Pool and as a result no invitation to apply has been issued.
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