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Thread: How early before move should you do EOI?

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    Default How early before move should you do EOI?

    I realize that an EOI can take some time and we want to start it as soon as we need to to not hold us up on our selection. How long before you prepare to move should you file the EOI? You have 12 months once you receive the EOI to move and settle correct?

    Is it possible to visit NZ, find a job, apply for a work visa, then do the EOI from NZ? I think I may need to find a job before I file my EOI to get necessary points. Hints?

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    Firstly you would need to complete your graduate school studies before thinking about applying as INZ will only look at you once you have got your qualification. Once you have your qualification, if you have enough points without a job offer, you can then submit your EOI. It tends to depend on how many points you get as to how quickly you are selected. Once you are selected you will be sent an ITA (Invitation to Apply) package which involves a document-gathering exercise and this is when you have to apply for your police and medical certificates. You have up to 4 months to complete all this. Once a decision has been made to grant you residency and you have paid your Migrant Levy, you have up to 12 months to get to NZ to activate your PR, otherwise you could lose it.

    It is possible to enter NZ on a visit visa and secure a job, but it's not something that you make known to immigration as you enter the country. A visit visa is supposedly only for tourist types and it would be severely frowned upon if you made it known you are going job-hunting. If you were to find a job, you wouldn't be able to work at it until you had applied for a work permit as it is illegal to work in NZ without one. With a job and work permit in hand, you could then start work on your EOI.
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