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Thread: Struggling with the 'easy' questions for EOI

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    Question Struggling with the 'easy' questions for EOI

    Hi all,

    I keep meaning to post an update but been working crazy hours lately and it never gets to the top of my to-do list... but in brief I have been here in Queenstown for 6 months now (on a WHV) and have decided to start the process for residency. I don't have a job offer yet (for the skilled migrant category), as I will probably have to move to a bigger city and am putting that off for now and enjoying living and working here. Subsequently I am in no rush for now but thought I would start the ball rolling and see how far I can get without the job offer (I have just over the 100 points without the job offer).

    Anyways I have sat here for the last however many hours and pretty much completed the whole lot, but have managed to get stuck on the really easy, obvious questions and given up trying to find out from the websites Q&A section or finding an email address of someone who might be able to answer the questions for me and come here instead...!!!

    Ok so I need a birth certificate number... I have looked at my certificate and the closest I can find is my NHS number... is this what they are looking for and if not anyone UK based can help me find it???

    Tax number... is this my National Insurance number? I also have an IRD number here in New Zealand which I assume is the equivalent here? Which should I put?

    Social Security number... what would that be for someone from the UK?

    And finally in question A13 states:

    A13. Please list all countries, including all countries of citizenship, you have lived in for a total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years. Include all countries where your stay has been broken by any departures.

    I have spent a number of periods of time (ranging between 3 and 6 months) in the USA over a period of 3 years broken up as follows:
    June-Sept 2000 Working at a summer camp
    June-Aug 2001 Working at a summer camp
    June-Sept 2002 Working at a summer camp
    Sept '01-Feb '02 Studying at the University of Florida as an undergrad exchange student

    No period of time on its own exceeds the 12 month limit but accumulatively they do. I am just unsure as to whether this is what it refers to when it talks about being broken by departures, as when you complete the form there is no way to indicate whether this is the case or not and by completing this section as such makes it look like I spent 2 and a half years in the USA, which is not the case. I also have a similar scenario for some time I spent in France.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide... once I've got these few questions sorted I can submit it and be that one step closer
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    Hi Lucy,

    With regard to the tax number and the social security one, this is what Nicky said in a previous post.

    I have a number in the top left hand corner of my birth certificate, 2 letters and 6 numbers, although my birth was quite some time ago . I notice hubster doesn't have anything on his birth cert. but he was born in bonny Scotland, so not sure if this makes a difference. Is the number mandatory?

    The A.13 bit about coming and going from a country is a bit difficult. I can't see anything about this business of leaving the country and coming back in at a later date on the INZ Operations Manual. I was hoping for some clarification. I wonder whether you could get away with claiming it was an extended holiday rather than 'living' there, which has more of an air of permanence about it. No doubt this is to stop people trying to avoid getting their police certificates by hopping out of the country for a short trip every now and then. Sorry, not much help on this but perhaps someone else has had personal experience they can post on here.
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    Hi MB,

    Thanks for that... after some more google-ing I have figured out that your birth certificate number does then determine your NHS number so have gone with that. Also looked at my partners birth certificate and his is completely set-up different to mine and we were only born a year apart... but found a number on his that seems similar to mine so lets hope thats the right one...!!!

    Thanks for your help... think I've got all the answers sorted so a couple of final checks and I'll submit it
    Arrived in New Zealand on WHV on 5th Feb '08.

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