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Thread: 1001 Questions - Well maybe just 5!!!

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    Default 1001 Questions - Well maybe just 5!!!

    Hi All.
    My hubby is a qualified spraypainter and we are going cowboy style end of October 2008.
    1. Is there anyone on the forum who is in the motor trade and went this route?

    2. How easy is it to find jobs in the motor trade?

    3. Spraypainter's are on the Immediate skills shortages and NOT on the Long term skills shortages. Does this mean we cannot do EOI before we leave?

    4. I have 4 years administration management expereince although my title is administrator. I have noticed that Adminsitration Manager as a skilled level two. Will I be able to get any additional points my expereince? I do not have a qualification only 15 years admin expereince.

    5. Also I am trying to complete EOI to submit for next draw. Need help with below :

    Main applicant

    Character - Have you ever been sentenced to imprisonment for a term of five years or more (main applicant had suspended sentence for 5 years in 1989 DUI) and a few others...paid fines. Do I answer yes here? Can I answer no as he was not "imprisoned" and send a letter of explanation (all done during silly youth years )

    Recognised qualification - Answered yes but summary section says incomplete. Why?


    Identity - All sections completed but on summary sections says incomplete. Why?

    English ability - Answered "Otherwise meet the minimum standard, as defined in the Guide". Still reflected as incomplete. Why?

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong?!!!

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    I ran some training workshops for managers in the motor trade last year. Many of the managers complained about the lack of skilled panel beaters, mechnaics, welders and paint sprayers.

    The managers from smaller cities like Timaru, Napier and Nelson said that there were usually half a dozen skilled/good workers in their towns who rotated between different employers, moving on when the next place offered them another $20 a week. On that basis, I reckon your hubby should find work quite easily if he's good at what he does.

    As an aside, don't overlook the importance of word of mouth. I spent two days going over recruitment strategies, teaching my student managers how to write job descriptions and person specs, plan interviews, grade candidates etc. At the end of the workshop, one of the managers said "That was really interesting, but if I need someone I just put an ad in the paper - Mechanic wanted, Ring Bob!"

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