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Thread: How long time for preparing IELTS

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    Default How long time for preparing IELTS

    Hi ,I am new here and i am trying to collect some information about EOI and ITA ,I havent sent my EOI yet .I'd like to know if i selected from the pool how long i have time for preparing my docs and specially IELTS (i havent had it yet).thanks

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    Welcome to the forum, Mahmoud.

    Once your EOI is selected from the pool and you receive your ITA pack, you have 4 months in which to gather all your documents together and submit them.

    From the EOI form (page 9) I get the impression that you need to have completed your IELTS test before you submit your application, unless you fit into one of the other categories where you can prove you have an English-speaking background, have done a study course in English or have worked in an English-speaking job. They appear to need your test report form number on the EOI and the date you sat your test.
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    Thank you

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