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Thread: Skilled Job Offer - Experience v Qualifications

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    Default Skilled Job Offer - Experience v Qualifications

    I am here again, i've only signed up to this forum today and I find it so helpful so I have yet another question to be answered.

    My Husband is a Switchgear Panel Builder / Wirer / Electrician and has been for the last twenty years and has gained variable experience and this skill can be proven. Unfortunately he as nothing on paper, i.e. qualification to say that he can do it, although he comes highly recommended of his capabilities by various people of whom he has had dealings with, i.e. Dorman Smith (Tyco Electronics) and has extensive knowledge of switchgear panels from building, wiring and repairing.

    If he had a sensible job offer in this field, could he be admitted to NZ without the actual qualifications?

    Thank you

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    Have you had a look for his job title on the Long Term Skill Shortage List or the Immediate Skill Shortage List? It often tells you on there what is required in the way of quals and/or work experience. If he can manage to get a job offer, I would think that would help a lot as it would show INZ that a company was satisfied with his level of skill knowledge to go ahead and employ him even without a qualification.
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