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Thread: Best person for EOI with no degree in related field

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    Default Best person for EOI with no degree in related field

    Hi There,

    Myself and my wife have been looking into skilled migration and looked at the points indicators, I came out at 140 and she got 135. Although i filled it in carefully, a migration consultant i spoke to last week said that there was no way i'd get in this way as my degree is not in my field of work. Is this the case?

    I have a Physical Geography honours degree, but have worked for the last 10 years in network engineering and management with a particular focus on security and unified communications, I currently manage an engineering and service desk team of 3 and we look after 12 offices across 10 countries all over EMEA. I have vendor certifications, which i see from the other forums dont really count for much, (Checkpoint CCSA, Cisco CCNA and a few MCP's for those interested).

    My wife has a degree in environmental resource management and a masters in protected landscape management and has worked as a environmental enforcement officer and a park ranger and is currently employed as a project manager for a sustainable living charity.

    I suppose what i'm asking is:

    1. Does my lack of related degree completely preclude me from applying to the skilled migrant path.
    2. Would we be better looking into my partner being the principle applicant, given the fact that she is better educated and working in her field of study?

    We're working to fill in the forms at the moment, but its not clear whether or not it would be possible to fill it in once in my name, then if we dont get anywhere fill it in in her name! If i knew the degree problem was a major issue then i think we know the answer, but it's not clear whether or not my partner would fit the skills shortage profile.

    Anyway, if the answer is "fill in the forms and see" thats fine! I just wondered if anyone else has any experience of a similar situation.

    Thanks for any advice you may be able to give!



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    Jim and welcome.

    Some job skills will be accepted without qualifications if you have over a certain number of years' experience behind you, but they are few and far between. I read a while ago that INZ were leaning towards recognising 5+ years of related IT work experience and industry qualifications, so this may have come into force by now. I can't get into the INZ site to check on this at the moment because my Net connection is playing up and refuses to display the site.

    The obvious thing would be to run with the person who has the best chance of being accepted, but it is often difficult to shoehorn a job title into those that INZ provide on their 2 skill shortage lists. You may stand a better chance of pushing your application through if one of you could get a job offer in NZ as INZ could see this as a company accepting your work experience without the qualification. If you are in a managerial position, this will be a bonus as managers are sought after. The alternative is to ask whether you would be prepared to get a job temporarily in the area that is related to the qualification you do have. You could then switch to doing something else later on when the dust settles.

    I'm sorry this isn't much help, but it's difficult to determine fully what either of your job titles are to see if they fit in anywhere.
    Mother Bear

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    Hi Mother Bear,

    Thank you for your super-prompt reply

    My job title is Regional IT Manager.

    My partners job title is Project Manager.

    Not sure if this helps at all,

    I have read that remotely applying for jobs is pretty much a non-productive exercise unless you are at the very top of your field? I know many of the adverts state that there is no chance of sucessfully applying unless you have the right to work in NZ? Is there any mileage in planning a trip and arranging job interviews whilst over there? Or does the prospect of visa arrangements and additional paper work put employers off? (i realise that the onus of getting the work permit is on the applicant)

    Thanks again!


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