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Thread: What are our chances?

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    Default What are our chances?

    Hi all,

    I'm a bit of a newbie with all this but me and my boyfriend want to live in NZ. We are both 27 and live in the UK. I'm a part qualified accountant, so my current qualifications count as a level 4. I will hopefully move up to level 5 within the next 6-9 months. My boyfriend is a police officer and we both have about 4 years experience within our professions.

    We haven't filled in the EOI yet but we have done the points indicator which came out at 115. The problem with that is we would be relying on them taking my boyfriend's Policing Certificate as part of the basic qualifications. We haven't started looking for employment yet but my bf wouldn't be able too as he needs to have the PR before he can apply to the NZ Police.

    Considering the low points, what do you think our chances are with an EOI?

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    Hi Littlewebby and welcome to the forum.

    You can still apply with only 115 points. It may take a bit longer to be selected than someone with more points but, as you both have skills that the country needs, you may find things will start to move for you anyway. I would hope the fact that your boyfriend can't apply for the NZ Police until he has residency shouldn't affect INZ accepting his policing certificate.
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    Police are in big demand if that helps at all.


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    Thanks guys. We're going to go to the next expo in London so I'll take my cv along and see what happens. Hopefully I may be able to line up a job and up our ponits. Either way wei'll be submitting our EOI soon.

    Sammy - x

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    Dear Sammy,

    I recently went through the same with NZ police and might be able to assist.

    Is your boyfriend a current member of a Police Service?

    If so, he can apply without having PR. He just need more tha 2 years current service, or service with no inerruptions of two years or more.

    Please contact the following: or

    You will find them extremely helpful and informative.


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