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    I have yet to submit an EOI and am still doing my research, but it would appear that an AGENT is a must to get you through all stress and paperwork.

    Your opinions and reccommendations will be appreciated.

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    Hi Cheslski and There are many of us here who have managed to get through the immigration process without the use of costly agents. If your application is straight forward you will probably find the answers to many of your questions on here from those of us who have done it themselves. If you use an agent you still have to collate the information yourself however they can advise you on any complications you are likely to have and the best visa to go for if your application if not straight forward. In the end it is down to personal preference. Either way as long as you get your visa that's all that matters - except one way you will be worse off financially Good luck with whichever way you go.
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    Hi Nicky

    With only 105 points I am going to need a job offer to get out of the eoi pool and as an electrical technician or electronic instrument trades worker special class(342315) I MAY have to register with the EWRB first as an electrical service technician???

    Agents are claiming that they are experts in this and i'll need them to get everything through nzis in a timely stress free fashion???


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    Hi Chelski,

    As Nicky says, using an agent is a matter of preference, and their preliminary role is to ensure that the application is compiled accurately and completely on first submission. I don't know how much stress it removes as it's still a stressful process, but if the agent is any good then you can at least get peace of mind that your application is as good as it can be.

    Most agents promise the earth and claim to be specialists, but in truth only a small few are actually any good at what they do. I'll be very pleased to see the new Immigration Consultancy licensing process finally come in to place to help give people more security.

    If money isnt a concern then use an agent, if cash is a bit tight then you can go the process on your own too.

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    What would be considered a reasonable price for an Agent??

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