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Thread: Electrical Service Technician Registration???

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    Default Electrical Service Technician Registration???

    Before I go any further I am not an Electrian and don't want to register as one.
    I am currently a Maintenance Engineering Team Leader with a BTEC National Certificate in Electrical Engineering, which is currently being assessed by NZQA, I have a C&G electrical installation regs and passed the T&I practical, first aid and cpr plus lots relavent to my job. 22 years experience in elctrical installation,electronic and mechanical engineering.
    The nearest ANZSCO description of my skills would probably be a 342315 Electronic Instrument Trades worker special class.
    I am waiting for a new BTEC certificate to be delivered before I send my history to EWRB for assessment as an Electrical Service Technician.

    Can anyone advise me what work experience (P.E.W.) they need to see and in what type of format,
    I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has registered as an EST.

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    Just had my NZQA Assessment back and my btec national certificate in electrical engineering has been recognized at a level 4 on the NZ registar

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