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Thread: partner without a passport

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    Unhappy partner without a passport

    hi all,
    i recently got a job offer in NZ. i'd like to complete an EOI. i'd also like to bring my partner with me. trouble is my partner doesn't have a passport and it asks for passport number on the form. so i guess i should wait?

    the story is actually more complicated. my partner doesn't have citizenship anywhere, but has been a permanent resident of the US for 25+ years (i.e. entire adult life). don't ask me how that's possible, but that's the US for you. naturalization in the US takes forever, and then there's getting a passport, and on top of all that would be immigration on the NZ side. this is going to take forever isn't it?

    any advice? i guess this is more of a US immigration question than anything. but advice would be much appreciated. cheers,

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    Hi & Welcome to the forum

    Hmm, unfortunately I can't imagine NZ Immigration dealing with any application from someone who doesn't have a passport.

    This is a first for me though - anyone else have any suggestions? Have you looked on the NZ Immigration website, polar? Here's the link, just in case you haven't: Immigration New Zealand

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    I would have to agree with WelshGirl. She should can't get here without one.

    She may have to go through the US naturalization process but that is just a guess. Most Americans don't have a passport as very few percentage ever leave the country.


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    Welcome to the forum...

    I too, agree with Welshgirl. I cannot imagine New Zealand or any country that would deal with an individual for immigration purposes without a passport. The only exceptions I can think of would be in political asylum or refugee cases and those, I would think, would be quite difficult to obtain.

    If your partner has been a lawful permanent resident of the United States for twenty-five plus years and can meet the other requirements for citizenship (e.g., being able to document that stay, paying taxes, no criminal activity, etc.), your partner should be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. Once citizenship is obtained, an American passport is possible.

    Good luck and welcome again to the forum.

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