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Thread: Need adivce for recognised Qualification

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    Default Need adivce for recognised Qualification

    Hi All,

    I am CGK from india,I have completed my bachelor degree in one of the college that is affiliated by bharathiyar university coimbatre,TN,Inia.Bharathiyar University name is there in the recognized qualification list.But my college name is not there in the list.

    My doubts or questions

    1.Is that enough affiliated university name is available in recognized qualification list or college name also require?

    2. Which date I have to fill in "Date obtained" filled and where I will get that date?

    3.What are all the dates I have to fill in "Date commenced studies" and "Date completed studies"? and Where I can find these dates also?

    As per indian system all certificates have only month information.they don't have exact date information.If anybody have any idea regarding these,Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi CKG and

    I'm not able to tell you if your qualification from the affiliated college would be recognised. I can't see anything that mentions this on the list of recognised qualifications. I just had a look on another page but it says the page isn't available at the moment. We have several members from India who, I would hope, can help you with this.

    All the dates you are looking for should be either on your qualification or you should have some idea when you started and finished your course. Even if you don't have the exact dates you could, perhaps, put the month and year. The 'date obtained' should be the date on your certificate, I would think.
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