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Thread: Timescales EOI TO PR - September 2009?

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    Question Timescales EOI TO PR - September 2009?

    As some of you may be aware my husband has an interview next week for the RNZN and he should find out if he has been successful in about a month's time. My question is if we want to move to NZ for September 2009 when do we start the immigration process? The reason I ask is because of time limits on Police checks and medicals. I cant seem to find a guide of any sorts to help, so I am hoping that one of you kind people on this forum might be able to guide me. Thanking you in advance.
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    Each case is individual however if he has a job offer the whole process will be speeded up. We submitted our EOI and as it was submitted we sent off for our police checks (at the time it took 40 days but I think it is much quicker now). As soon as you have been selected then arrange your medicals and get all your papers together. This can take the longest. If you have everything ready for when your ITA arrives and everything is in order you should get PR within weeks. Look at my time line to see how long it was for us. The only reason there is a long gap between receiving ITA and submitting it was because I could only get the family together for the medicals at a certain time. Otherwise it would have been sooner. Good luck.
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    If you are looking to move in Sept 09 then any time from Sept 08 would be a good time to apply. Once you are granted PR, you have 12 months to get to NZ to activate it, so you should have plenty of time to get everything sorted before your move

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