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Thread: Apply from UK or NZ?? Whats best... Help needed!!

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    Unhappy Apply from UK or NZ?? Whats best... Help needed!!

    Hi guys,

    I have been on here for a few days now and have read alot of posts, however am not sure whats the best thing to do???

    Should we apply from the UK though the Skilled Migrant Category, or apply for a work permit in NZ, get a job, wait a while and then apply there?

    Am kinda confused now!!

    Our situation is this:

    My OH - Works in IT as a Network Administrator. He has a HND (Diploma) in Computing (which i know qualifies for 50 points), he has an MCSA, currently updating it to the new version, and is working towards a CISCO qualification. He has 4 years experience in this field.

    Me - I have an HND (Diploma) in Fitness, Health and Exercise. I have 5 years experience in this field. I also have alot of accounting and administrative experience and have got some qualifications in accounts.

    Family - We have 2 kids currently aged 7 and 9.

    I did the mock points test and it said we have 135 points before a job offer. Is that enough to apply from the UK and not get refused?

    I believe that i could get a job within the health industry fairly easily, albeit the pay wouldnt be so great... but it would be a job at least...

    Can anyone help and advise what is the easiest way to do it? I love NZ and have already contacted some Health Clubs in Wellington.

    What should i do??


    Caz xxxxxx
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    Hi Caz. With 135 points you stand a reasonable chance of being selected quite early. Obvviously a job offer will speed things up. You could submit it, then apply for jobs and then let INZ know when you have a job to add to the EOI. Alternatively, I'm sure others will come along and correct me if I am wrong, you could submit your EOI and then visit NZ, apply for a job there, then when you have one get a WP and add this to your EOI. I don't think you can apply for a WP without a job. Hope this helps
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    I guess it also depends on how fast you want to get to NZ! If you go through the SMC in the UK, then it could take several months, or you can leave for NZ whenever you want and go from there. Just be aware that if you did up and leave for NZ, the children wouldnt be able to start school until you secure a work permit, and student permits for them. Most schools don't accept international students (students whos parents/caregivers aren't resident/permit holders), so getting the work permit would be essential. Of course, you can't get said permit without a job offer!

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    We have been job hunting already.. But we are also going to attend the jobs expo in October which i hope will help.

    I dont want to be there immediately as we will have to sort things here first, house, car etc

    What i dont want to happen is for me to pay for my EOI and be refused I did the calculation again tonight, and it came out with 130 points... unsure why it was 135 before!!!

    I know 100 is the minimum, and u get picked automatically with 140. But anywhere in between i guess is kinda hit or miss! I just need 10 more points haha

    Has it been known for people to get job offers from NZ employers when u are still in the UK, or would we have to come over on a holiday visa for interviews etc?

    Caz xxx
    Life is a Game - Great when you're winning - Crap when you're losing!

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