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    Question Medicals


    We have sent in our ITA in october 2007. A case officer has finally be assigned on the 28 Feb 2008. There are issues with my blood test, which i have had 2 redo twice within the last 2 weeks. My question is at what stage would the case officer ask us to redo full medicals if the original medicals expire?

    many thanks


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    I dont know if they would actually get you to do your full medicals again to be honest.

    We had a few issues with ours as well and had to get tests again but weren't told at any point that we'd have to redo the whole medical. I think once it's in thats it, you only need to get them done if you've not submitted them in time with your ITA.

    You may want to check with your officer tho to be doubly sure.

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    Usually, once you have submitted your medical certificate and it's in the hands of INZ, you don't need to worry about the timing but on here it says......

    A4.20 Medical and X-ray certificates: residence applications
    See A4 (before 28/11/2005)

    a) Applications for residence must include, at the time the application is lodged, a fully completed Medical and Chest X-Ray Certificate NZIS 1007 for every person included in the application.
    Note: Pregnant women and children under 11 years of age are not required to have an X-ray examination.

    b) All Medical and Chest X-Ray Certificates must have been issued less than three months before the date the application for residence is made. (The issue date of a Medical and Chest X-Ray Certificate is the date of the declaration by the examining physician concerning the overall findings of the medical examination.)

    c) Visa and immigration officers may require a further Medical and Chest X-Ray Certificate as a basis for determining an application for residence, if they consider this is necessary to establish whether the applicant has an acceptable standard of health.
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    I thought that even if you had put them in the hands of NZIS they still had to be in the 3 month old period ?

    But I know where you are coming from, its not your fault if the case officer is backlogged and it takes longer to get through it.

    Or am i Just confusing the matter .......
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