Hiya everybody,
I will very shortly have my CCAF which is basically an associates degree (community college of the air force), and now im going to be working toward my bachelors. Im in the IT field, doing Network Infrastructure stuff; cisco switches/routers/vpn, so i want a degree in computer/information science, or something along those lines. since im overseas, i have to do distance education, which is no problem. i have already checked and the university that i will be going through is accredited by recognized accredidation people (whoever it is that does that). here is what the skill shortage list says:

Degree-level (Level 7) qualification majoring in computer science, information science or information technology AND three years of relevant work experience

so the work experience will be no problem, because i wont be even starting this whole process for that long
my question is this: what happens if i pursued a buisness information technology degree. would that be accepted? i mean its information technology right? but would they not like the buisness part? Any insight would be really great.

Thanks everybody