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Thread: Want to move badly, which method should I choose to persue?

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    Default Want to move badly, which method should I choose to persue?

    Hi all,
    Great info on this site, and you're all a bunch of very lively folk.

    I've been reading the forum for awhile now, and am presented with a situation.

    I work in Film Animation, and this profession is listed on the Long Term Skill Shortages list.

    I am wondering if it would be best for me to initially attempt for a work vista, or just go straight for the citizenship.

    I have full confidence that I can acquire a job within a reasonable amount of time in New Zealand. My primary goal is to eventually work for Weta Digital (Lord of the Rings, King Kong, etc).. I have 3 years experience in the industry, and until I hypothetically hit the apex of "Weta".. I'd easily fill any local post-production house positions.

    the question remains, should I first inquire about employment in NZ, THEN go for a work permit, THEN while there.. go for citizenship?.. or go for inquiring about employment, then look towards citizenship...

    or just go straight for citizenship, and do what I need to once there.

    Thanks at for helping me with this, as I'm sure I'd help anyone else after i get there( if i hopefully do) ..

    -a hopefull.

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    I assume by 'citizenship' you mean 'residency'. The two are very different. You can only get 'citizenship' when you have been resident for 3 (or is it now 5) years. Have you looked on the INZ website and done a points calculation? This will give you an indication as to whether it is worth you going for PR straight away. If you don't score enough points without a job there are other avenues to follow. Others on this forum are probably better qualified than me to advise on these but have you looked at work permits or WTR visa's? I'm sure others will be along to help you further.

    By the way to the forum.
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    Hi AnimatingKiwiToBe, from me, too.

    If you want to apply for a Work Permit you need to have a job offer first. If you have a job offer a WP is a quick way to get yourself into work. If you haven't got a job offer and you have enough points you may as well go straight for PR which will allow you to work in NZ as well as stay indefinitely.

    Quote Originally Posted by nickydwuk View Post
    You can only get 'citizenship' when you have been resident for 3 (or is it now 5) years.
    Yes, it's 5 years now. or should that be
    Mother Bear

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    wow!!! 5 year commitment...that changes my plans a bit??


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