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Thread: Wishing to emigrate: advice needed

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    Default Wishing to emigrate: advice needed

    Hi Guys,

    First of all I would like to say this is a great forum.

    I am an Englishman living in Auckland for the last 3 months on a working holiday visa. I have been offered full time work with an accredited employer and I have now signed the contract and it is all official.

    As my salary is less than 50k I could not get a straight work permit using my employer's accreditation. I have been told they will support me any way they can in my Residency application and was advised I could take the job on my working holiday visa. Of course when that runs out the contract would end, but If I can get residency I can stay in definitely in the role

    I am 27, educated up to a masters degree level in Politics and healthy. I have worked since I got to New Zealand and am someone who generally likes to get on. However, as my masters degree is not related to my role I am concerned about how successfull my app will be. I am currently working as a radio operator, which shows up in appendix 11, but I am doing the job with no relevant qualifications. It is a complicated role and my educated background helps, but I am wondering whether my Expression of Interest is likely to be successful.

    They trialled two staff before me and there where lots of applications but I was successful and have been getting on very well in the role. Will the assessors think I am taking a job a kiwi should be doing and decline me do you think?

    I also have a 30 year old partner and we have been living together for a year now. I will be including her. She has been working as a temp since we arrived in Auckland

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are worried at the mountain that it seems we have climb
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    Hi Nic and to the forum.

    Do you know if Radio Operator is on the list of Long Term Skill Shortages (I'm not sure what appendix 11 refers to)? I know you can get points for having NZ work experience and, if your new found skills are wanted enough by NZ, they might look favourably upon you. Having said that, I think you'd need a bit more than 3 months' of NZ experience. INZ are usually sticklers for wanting to see work experience that's relevant to your quals, but occasionally you can get through on work experience alone. That may mean they're looking for several years under your belt, but it's worth a try to see if you can scrape in, especially as your job would be on-going.

    Check out the Points Indicator to see how you fair. You would need a minimum of 100 points to be able to apply for residency. Unfortunately having a job in Auckland would count against you points-wise as INZ is looking for those who can settle in other areas.
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