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Thread: Submission of Online EOI

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    Default Submission of Online EOI

    Hello Friends, One more stupid question

    I have completed my online EOI. I am now wondering when will I be asked to pay.

    Will it ask me to pay when I click on Submit link ? If yes, does it give me the option to pay via credit card in USD.

    Will it take care of the conversion rate between USD and NZD ?

    Could someone please reply.

    Thanks and have a great monday folks :)

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    Although I haven't undergone this process myself, I'm sure you have to pay when you submit your application. As with most things to do with INZ, they want the money upfront so it's safely in their hands. If you were to submit your application without paying the fee first and INZ turned you down, I doubt you'd feel much like paying then.

    Fees have to be paid in the currency of the country in which you lodge your application, so if you lodge it in the US you would pay in US$. This can either be paid by bank draft or credit card if you're doing it online.
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    Yes, if you pay with a credit card, your card company will handle the conversion so you'll get their rate and fees--be warned!

    Also, you might want to give your credit card company a call and let them know you'll be making an overseas payment. My company tagged the charges as fraudulent and rejected them twice. Call the fraud department and they'll be able to put a note in your file so the charges will go through without problem.
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    I believe all our fees were in pounds, because we were submitting our applications to London. I recommend that you check on your credit card's overseas transactions fees, too. For our big application, I forgot and used the card that charges a fee rather than the one that didn't. It's usually 1-2%, which may not break the bank, but is still money out of your pocket.
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