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Thread: Is this what happens next?

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    Default Is this what happens next?

    Hello all, I?m a new member here, joined today and would like to say hi to everyone here.

    I have a question that I wonder if someone could help me with.

    I recently submitted an EOI online because I would like to move to NZ, get a job and start a life, the UK is so expensive for young(ish) people I marvel at anyone who can live here and not run up debts that look like phone numbers.

    My EOI has already been accepted, which I?m really surprised about as I?m only 105pts, only just submitted it and don?t have a job offer in NZ.

    Now, through the post this morning I got a very official looking envelope from NZ immigration. From what I?ve researched I thought it was going to be what they call an ITA but I?m not sure that?s what I?ve got.

    Without sounding too miffed, there is no form of cover letter at all or in fact anything written to me saying anything specific. All I got was lots of generic instructions, leaflets and three forms.

    Application to work in NZ
    NZIS 1015

    Temp entry X-Ray Cert
    NZIS 1096

    Employer Supplementary Form
    NZIS 1113

    Is this what?s included with an ITA or is it as it looks, an offer to apply for a works visa/permit? If that's the case, I?m a bit lost as all the categories on the form seem to require a job offer, which I don?t have as I intend to find a job when I?m out there, I had said on my EOI, no job offer.

    I have qualifications in the future growth industries and UK work experience in the immediate skills shortage list and future growth industries. I do not think finding a job when in NZ will be too hard as I?ve been researching the job markets since a holiday there in 05 and for me, it looks good. I?ve not applied for much there from here as I think it?s going to be nearly impossible to impress an employer while 12,000 miles away.

    Can anyone shed a little light on this for me?

    Any help is gratefully received, cheers for reading.


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    Steve, I've never received an ITA pack, so I'm not that sure about what's in one. Perhaps one of the others can enlighten you. All I know is that it should contain a copy of your EOI and then ask for verification of all the stuff you put in it and evidence to back it up.

    Here's a link on tips for lodging your ITA in case it's of any help to you.
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    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the forum. And congratulations for being selected.

    I think the main thing to do to reconfirm what has happened is call Immigration to confirm it all but this is what happened when we submitted our EOI.

    We submitted it, got selected out of the pool. This updated our status on the website.

    Then we got an official one page letter saying we had been selected from the pool and they would be in touch if we were successful and that this was not the ITA.

    Then the website was updated stating we had been selected for our ITA and our application was couriered to us.

    This had a covering letter stating we had been selected and we had our ITA, a print out of our application that we completed on line. 3 forms for our medicals (Xray, Bloods and medical) and a large booklet explaining the whole process.

    Hope this helps you a bit, good luck with everything!

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I have managed to get through to London NZ immigrations and it turns out i have been sent the wrong forms and they sorta know nothing about it.

    They have asked me to stand by until they contact me again and hopefully when they do, it will be about an ITA.

    Thanks all, fingers crossed and watch this space.


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