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Thread: Qualifications for Joiner

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    Default Qualifications for Joiner

    My hubby and I have recently been to an expo and are considering the move to NZ. He is concerned that he only has his City & Guilds part 1 (failed his part 2) but he does have 26 years experience in all aspects of carpentry and I feel this has to have some bearing. Anyone have similar circumstances or any ideas whether this would be a problem.

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    Hi Vondermot

    Welcome to the forum.

    It doesn't appear that NZIS would accept his Level 1 C & G going by this, as they don't even mention it.

    Coding of Multilevel Qualification Titles

    City and Guilds

    Level 2
    City and Guilds Alcoholic Beverages Certificate
    City and Guilds Waiting Table Certificate
    City and Guilds Certificate

    Level 3
    City and Guilds Catering Certificate
    City and Guilds Cookery Certificate
    City and Guilds Cooking Certificate
    City and Guilds Baking Certificate

    Level 4
    City and Guilds Metal Fabrication
    City and Guilds Steel Making
    City and Guilds Trade Certificate
    City and Guilds Craft Certificate

    Level 5
    Advanced City and Guilds Certificate

    From here .

    This is a link to a previous thread along those lines.

    I'll do a bit more digging to see if his experience will be enough to get you in, at least. I know you can get points for having over a certain number of years' experience but I'm not sure if you need the quals to go with it. Joiner is on the Long Term Skills Shortages List so NZ is keen to get people like him on board, but whether they'd let him apply for PR without his quals being up to scratch is another matter. If he could clock up some NZ work experience on a Work Permit that would go in his favour. It may be that your hubby would be better off trying to find a job in NZ and trading off his lack of paper quals against his great number of years' experience.

    In the meantime, perhaps someone who's gone via this route can help with some info.
    Mother Bear

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    Hi there,
    I know a company in Hamilton who are looking for joiners/ carpenters just send me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

    all the best


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    By PM do you mean Curriculum Vitae (CV - work history).


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    Hi vondermot,

    A PM is actually a Private Message - basically a way of communicating with another member without posting on the public forum. Just click on the username that you want to message and away you go!


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    Default Complete Novice

    As you can probably tell, I'm not use to chatting online, work on a computer all day but have never indulged before.

    Many thanks.


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