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Thread: 105 points?

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    Question 105 points?

    Hi everyone, Everytime I think I might have a handle on all of this, I read something else and then new questions come rushing in! I have 105 points on my EOI without a job offer, should I go ahead and submit or wait until I get there and find a job offer? My skills are in Hospitality Supervision...which is on the list of immediate skill shortages. I am very confused! Also, should I wait until my EOI has been selected before I have my medical done, as it is very expensive to do here?

    I have loads of other questions, but first things first...confusion reigns

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    If I were you, I think I’d wait until the EOI is selected before having your medical done because, with 105 points, you could be waiting quite some time before hearing whether you’ve been selected. Once you are accepted, it will still take a bit of time to collect all the required documents together and sort your police certificate. Your medical could expire during that time and then you’d be paying to have it done all over again. Now that WOULD be expensive. I would mention though, if you're applying for a WP to start work, if it's going to be for more than a year, you'll need medicals and police checks anyway. Medicals are quite a bit cheaper in NZ because an ordinary GP can do them.

    Whether you want to submit your EOI without the job offer or with it is up to you. It’s just that with a job offer, your points could increase very nicely and bump you up the list a bit. Apart from that, you could still submit the EOI with the 105 and, if you can bully someone into giving you a job offer , you could always notify NZIS and they will amend your points accordingly so, really, you could do it either way.

    What I don't quite understand is, when you talk about going ahead and submitting the EOI, do you mean now or later on before you move to NZ? I ask because I'm getting confused about the timing of all this, with a whole year in between now and when you want to immigrate.
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    Hello MB,

    I think Bermy Girl and I are of the like mind that if we submitted an EOI before we get to NZ then if we were somehow lucky enough to receive an ITA earlier then we would/could move to NZ earlier. We really don't want to wait until July 2008. I have to wait until I finish my courses which may be in January 2008 and of course that would give us more time to sock some money away.

    I am not so confident that I would be chosen from the pool with only 100 points so would be better off moving and finding a job, outside of Auckland, which would bump me up to 160 points and then submit an EOI, but I understand where Bermy Girl is coming from.

    Basically, we want out of here sooner rather than later, although before January 2008 is out of the question. I would also prefer to move to NZ in the warmer months rather than smack in the middle of Winter

    All the best to you,


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