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Thread: Long Term Skill Shortage List

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    Default Long Term Skill Shortage List

    Hello all,

    I was reviewing the Labour Market Information on Employment and Work. I looked up the job category that I feel that I fall under - I presently hold the position of Head of Administration. The job category I found was Administration Manager which definitely matches up with the work I have been doing for a number of years. I was surprised on page 2 of the Labour Market information for this position when it said "Administration Manager (or another title coded to this occupation) is on the New Zealand Immigration Service's Long Term Skill Shortage List. Occupations on this list have a sustained and ongoing shortage of skilled workers in New Zealand. See about this information for further clarification". It also provided a NZSCO Code for this occupation 12222. This information was as of July, 2006.

    However, when I looked at the Long Term Shortage List on the NZ Immigration website, this occupation came up under the IT occupation group. The NZ Imm. list is as of December, 2006. Obviously, the fact that one list is as of 07/06 and one is as of 12/06 tells me that there is a possibility that the Labour Market website has not been updated but at the same time, I had looked at the NZ Imm. LTSL prior to July 2006 and still did not see any mention of Administration Managers or similar.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me. Obviously, I would be happy to know that my work experience is on the LTSL.


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    I would have to say you should ignore the labour market website you found. It's not an official website, so the information may not be correct.

    Stick with looking on the NZIS website as that will be the most accurate. Management is a required skill in NZ, so you can probably find something that fits!

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