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Thread: over stayer apply for working permit

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    Default over stayer apply for working permit

    I've been stayed in NZ for 4 years as an overstayer. Now I'm back home and trying to lodge eoi, my score 140. I have a job offer from my former boss who didn't know that I was an overstayer. I'm trying to fill the form with no false statement. Is anyone can help me, do you think will they disqualify me or not because I have stayed in newzealand illegal before. How should I fill the form. I just want to do correctly and follow the immigration procedure, work in new zealand legally.


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    Hi Sdakosta,

    to the forum.

    When you left NZ, did you go of your own free will or were you deported for being an overstayer? If you went freely, was there any problem when you left the country? If you were blacklisted as an overstayer, then I would think you would have great difficulty getting back into the country without a good reason.

    This situation is a very difficult one and you may need specialist advice to overcome it. If you were deported you will probably have to appeal against this before you can return. It’s surprising that your employer didn’t realise you were an overstayer as he would have needed to ask for your Work Permit before employing you.

    Reading this from here, it sounds like you could be prevented from returning to NZ for 5 years.

    "I am advised that visitors are also taking note of warnings about the penalties for overstaying, which include being barred from New Zealand for five years if they are caught and removed."

    In 2000, there was an amnesty in NZ whereby overstayers could then legally apply for permanent visas. I don’t know if there has been one since or if there will be another one in the future. The biggest problem is that, to apply for a long-term visa for NZ, you must be of good character and I’m not sure how NZIS looks upon you as an overstayer with regard to this. Technically, you have broken the law.

    I hope someone can provide further advice for you.
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