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Thread: Claiming bonus Point for Qual & Work Experience

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    Default Claiming bonus Point for Qual & Work Experience

    please help me. my situation is like the below..
    I have only 105 points without job offer to lodge EOI. i am worried abt this . is it enough for me to get selected for ITA? can anyone give suggestion for claiming bonus points ? i am Bachelor of Engineer in Electronics & communication , having 5 yrs work exp in IT field in .Net (,C#, but when i saw immediate skill shortage list , it was mentioned that for for Programmer , i should have Degree level qual majors in Computer or info science. with 3 yrs exp. i am so much confused. but i have studied C and C++ as sub-discipline or allied when i was studying B.E (ECE). does this can be consider in Long term skill shortage list ?

    Does my qualificaion is relevant to my work exp or does my work exp is relevant to my qual ?
    for claiming bonus points ,what can i do .?
    please give suggestions .
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Claiming bonus Point for Qual & Work Experienc

    As long as you have 100 or more points you can still put in your EOI although it will take longer than someone who has 140 points or more. They will be selected first, then those people who have less points.

    I think it is that your work experience should be relevant to your qualification.

    If you are having problems with working out the points for your qualifications and work experience, perhaps you could give the NZIS a ring and speak to them about your worries, as IT is quite a complicated skill category which I, personally, have no knowledge of at all.
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