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Thread: Things I'd have done differently--some advice!

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    Default Things I'd have done differently--some advice!

    When I finally decided to file my EOI, I should have:

    1. ?Gotten my finger prints and criminal background check. ?Miraculously, it only took 2 weeks for our forms to come back from the FBI, but it can take 8-10 weeks (not including holidays!). ?Getting the fingerprint forms themselves was a hassle too, because despite what the NZIS website says, neither the local or the state police stations have them! ?You must call the FBI to get them sent to you--however, I was able to get some from my employer, as we use them when we hire new teachers! ?The background check costs $18 and is good for a year, so it is unlikely to expire while you wait (assuming you have points to be selected).

    2. Made the doctor's appointments for the whole family. ?My wife and I had no problems getting our paperwork completed. ?However, getting in to see our pediatrician has been a nightmare. ?We had to wait 6 weeks for an appointment! ?And, they refused to believe that we needed to have physical exams for our boys to get their visas ... I got tired of arguing with them, so I made my doctor their doctor, and we'll be going in next week. ?Keep in mind that the medicals are only good for 3 months, so timing is everything! ?Make the appointments far out enough.

    3. Gotten my NZQA done. ?Thanks to the holidays, I'm still waiting for my paperwork to come back. ?I should have had my report done right away, as I did have the foresight to order my transcripts and get letters certifying my employment after I submitted my EOI.

    4. Registered with the NZ Teachers Council. ?Since doing so requires the background check and the NZQA, I have my application completed, but am still waiting to get that qualifications report ...

    Also, make sure you have proper copies of birth certificates for whoever is included in your application. ?The birth certificates need to list parents' names on them, not just your name and dob. ? Getting those can be a hassle--I had to call my dad, who lives 3 hours away, and ask him to go to the townhall to get one for me, as my copy was wallet-sized and did not include their names.

    I'm sure there's lots more that I haven't remembered or discovered yet, but I hope this helps anyone out there reduce their stress level! ? :P
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    Default Re: Things I'd have done differently--some advice!

    Good advice, Kiwihopeful . Thanks for posting it.
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